Must-reads for every Assyrian

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Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth CenturyHistorySargon Donabed
Assyrians post-Nineveh: identity, fragmentation, conflict and survival: A study of Assyrogenous communitiesHistoryRacho Donef
Assyrians: The Continuous SagaHistoryFred Aprim
The Assyrians – Fifty Years in SwedenHistorySvante Lundgren
A Collection of Writings on AssyriansHistoryDavid B. Perley
Assyria and the Paris Peace ConferenceHistoryAbraham K. Yousif
Year of the Sword: The Assyrian Christian genocideGenocideJoseph Yaqoub
The Hakkari Massacres: Ethnic cleansing by Turkey 1924-1925GenocideRacho Donef
Assyrians: from Badr Khan to Saddam HusseinGenocideFred Aprim
Ancient Assyrians and Modern Assyrians: A Scientific AnalysisIdentityGeorge V. Yana
The Path to Assyria: A call for national revivalIdentityAfram Yakoub
Hostages in the Homeland, Orphans in Diaspora: Identity Discourses Among the Assyrians/Syriacs: Elites in the European DiasporaIdentityNaures Atto
Modern Aramaic-English & Phrasebook: AssyrianLanguageNicholas Awde
Grammar of the Modern Assyrian LanguageLanguageEfrem Yildiz
The Church of the East: Apostolic & OrthodoxTheologyBawai Soro
Commentary on the Liturgy of the Syrian Orthodox Church of AntiochTheologyArchdiocese of the SOC
The Assyrian ProphecyTheologyRon Susek
The Luminous Eye: The Spiritual World Vision of Saint Ephrem the SyrianTheologySebastian Brock
Last update: 18/11/2021

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