Become a master of the Assyrian Alap-Bet


Become a master of the Assyrian Alap-Bet

The following videos will guide you through the proces of learning the Assyrian alphabet. There will be an excel worksheet available to download in order to practice all this theory.

In Episode One the following elements will be discussed: general information about the alphabet, the first five letters (Alap-Heh) of the alphabet, 2 Eastern vowels, 2 Western vowels and finally two words in each dialect that are used as a reading excercise.

The next episode, episode two will start by refreshing the new information of episode 1 then the following five letters which are Heh to Yud will be introduced. Two new vowels (Rwakha and Rwasa) will be discussed with their Western equals. Ending like always with two new words.

The third episode will continue with teaching the letters from Yud to Ayn. The vowels discussed in this video are zlame kirye, zlame yarrikhe and the rboso. At the end of the video two example words will be given.

Last but not least, a fourth episode where all the vowels will be repeated and where we will see the last letters. At the end of the video there is a small excercise.

If you want to practice all the theory in the previous videos, feel free to use our very own excel sheet for practice. You can find all the instructions in the following video. Good luck with learning Assyrian!


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