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Assyrian Expansion and Control: The Establishment of Colonies in Cappadocia

Assyria controlled a vast territory that stretched from Mesopotamia to Egypt and included parts of modern-day Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Israel. As part of their expansionist policies, the Assyrians established colonies in various regions, including Cappadocia. This was around 7th-8th centuries BC. Cappadocia is a unique region characterized by its unique geological formations, such…

Lion hunting in Assyria

Lion hunting in ancient Assyria. What was the symbolic meaning behind the hunt? Why did the ancient Assyrians hunt lions?

Summary: Alqosh

What is “Alqosh”? What’s so special about it?

Summary: Ashurbanipal

Ashurbanipal was the last great king of the Assyrian Empire, which was located in what is now modern-day Iraq. He reigned from 668 BC to 627 BC and is known for his military conquests, cultural achievements, and extensive library. Ashurbanipal is best known for his military conquests, which expanded the boundaries of the Assyrian Empire…


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